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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  September 26, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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just a short tim t obama wrapped in good monday afternoon. i'm grace lee. just a short time ago, president obama wrapped up his silicon valley to talk about jobs as he campaigns for re-election. he is at a town hall meeting sponsored by the social networking site linkedin. as you can see, he has just left -- you can just see him a few minutes before, shaking hands as he left the town hall meeting. he spoke about an hour answering questions from linkedin employees and also from people who asked questions online. stephanie chuang is there live with how mr. obama is pushing hard to reconnect with his base. stephanie, is it working? >> reporter: you know, it seems to be.
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most of the people here are supporters and so excited to see him and at one point this parking lot was completely packed. a good number of folks, now chanting because they see some people leaving. and the president may be leaving at this moment. the police have blocked off the roads over here. the activity is coming out. we see some activity coming outside here. people getting pretty crazy, as he pushes his message on jobs creation. [ cheering ] a crowd of about 100 onlookers cheered as president obama's motorcade arrived this morning. he hit the social media trail again using an old platform with a modern twist, a town hall web cast to millions with linkedin. and the $400 billion jobs bill the focus. >> one of the things we prosed as part of the american jobs act is to help reduce the barriers to refinancing so folks can get
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record low rates to put more people in people's pockets. and police were securing the prim ner at 5:00 this morning and ramon jones showed up early across the street trying to catch a glimpse. >> i might not be able to see him, any other time. so i want to see him today. >> others were shuttled in. the chosen few. linkedin pre-selected a group of eight people across the country to ask mr. obama a pre-approved question. many of them personal. >> it is very important. as an unemployed individual myself, and he is the leader of our country. i want to know what he has to say. >> i want to know what his plans are to help stabilize the economy, make it better so we can invest in our employees and our infrastructure and things like that. >> we currently employ 25 people and so my question is around actually health insurance and insuring small company because it is very difficult. >> reporter: just 20 minutes before the town hall began, tensions rose outside.
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between a lone protester and a man who tried to block her sign, part of the west coast wing, reconnecting with the donor base. he attended two private fundraisers last night with more planned in southern california. but the people here say this trip is all about jobs. >> we will get some answers. and maybe they will be persuaded to vote for him. >> all right, back here live, we have seen people come back into some of these vehicles, we have not seen the president himself, a lot of people are very excited about what is going on, and len ramirez has been inside, and he will have much more coming up on later editions of cbs 5. grace? >> and just from your perspective, stephanie, are there more fans or critics outside of linkedin today? >> reporter: the people here across the street, i would say the great majority of them were supporters. in fact, even people with signs here are now saying yes to the president, no to big oil. we just had a small group of people, including the lone protester you saw in the story there, who came out saying you know what? we want to see better from ya.
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grace? >> live in mountain view, stephanie chuang, thanks. in the meantime air force one landed at moffet field last night after flying from seattle where the president spent the first part of sunday. local dig nares lined up to shake hands and welcome the president to the bay area and silicon valley and attended fundraising events of woodside and adison and the private homes of valley executives. the president's supporters and critics did their best to make themselves seen. a group of anti-obama protesters gathered along the president's motorcade rowd in woodside as he headed for the home of john thompson, the chairman of symantec. but the motorcade was greeted by an obama friendly group of demonstrators on the way to the facebook executive cheryl sandburg. and let's take a live look at moffett field where president obama is scheduled to depart within the hour. and tonight he will attend fundraising in los angeles as well as san diego.
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and school bake sales usually don't draw national attention. but one plan for tomorrow at uc berkeley is causing quite the controversy. kristy siefkin is live at the campus with why the pastry prices are being called offensive. >> reporter: good afternoon, grace and frank. if you come to the bake sale, being held by the berkeley college republicans, the price of a cookie or cup cake fends on your gender and -- depends on your gender and race. for a white male, you can get a pastry for $2 but a latino female, you only have to pay 7 a cents. the reason -- 75 cents. the reason is the bake sale is in protest in direct protest to a bill on the governor's desk that would allow california public school campuses to factor render, race and ethnicity in the school admission process. and this many argue is a step backward from prop 209. and students are upset and denouncing the bill and
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denouncing the bake sale, saying on facebook, it is offensive and racist. i spoke with several campus leaders and students earlier about the bake sale happening tomorrow and found a real variety of reaction. >> we saw the bake sale, we were frankly offended. and sur prize by the tactics that berkeley county republicans chose when planning the bake sale because it really was deeply hurtful to many members of our campus community. >> how do you put somebody in one category and this sb185 kind of forces people to do that? you got to check one box. and our bake sale, you have to choose one and that doesn't seem far and we don't think 185 is fair either. >> it seems like an immature way to go about expressing their views and very black and white view of things. >> some people are going a bit too extreme in their reactions and instead of trying to understand where the republicans are coming from, they are just seeing the position from their perspective. >> reporter: now, students were so upset about the approach that the college republicans took
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that the student government actually held an emergency meeting last night, and they determined that the bake sale is in fact discriminatory, and they also passed a bill that defines respectful conduct for student organizations. which is pertinent, because the berkeley college republicans group received a few thousand dollars every year in funding from the student government. now, with this controversial bake sale, there is a possibility that the berkeley college republicans will in fact no longer be able to participate on campus or be punished in some other way and the director of communications for the school who i spoke to earlier said this really doesn't foster the kind of community environment that they want here on the berkeley campus but that what happens tomorrow will in fact what he calls a teaching moment. so those of you who are interested in coming to the bake sale tomorrow, 10:00 to 2:00, at the plaza here, and we heard that some people are staging a protest, in response to the bake sale, and will be offering free cup cakes to everyone. back to you. >> despite the vote, they can still hold the bake sale, despite the fact that they voted
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against it? >> reporter: exactly. both sides -- i'm sorry, i spoke to the student affairs representative earlier who said they want free speech to be allowed because the gentleman who is the president of the republican organization said if someone comes to the table and says hey, i don't want to identify myself by any gender or race, they will just be able to pay a flat fee. so technically what they're doing is not legally limited, but they think that the action is discriminatory which is the point. that's the statement they're trying to make. kristy siefkin, thank you. and interstate 880, back open this afternoon. following an intense man hunt. chp officers closed the freeway in oakland while searching for a suspect in a stolen van. now both directions were shut down for more than 90 minutes. following a car chase. and the van was found abandoned near 66th avenue. and no arrests have been made. oakland police in the meantime are looking for a driver tied to a deadly police shooting. officers say that a passenger in the car ran after police pulled him over during a traffic stop
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near cherry street and 100th avenue yesterday. police caught up with that suspect, and a struggle ensued and he threatened them with a gun, and that's when an officer shot and killed him. the driver however got away. and did you feel it? two small earthquakes, shook napa county earlier this morning. a magnitude 3.5 struck near anguin at 3:00 a.m. and two minutes later, a 2.0 in the same area. also last night, a 3.5 quake struck near san leandro. this is what it looked like on our cbs 5 seismograph. soon after that, a 2.3 tremor shook san francisco near the zoo. 54 years of failure. that was just part of the searing final report by the national transportation safety board that came out today about pg&e. in 140 pages, the agency outlines what led up to the san bruno pipeline explosion and fire and says the seeds of disaster were sewn back in 1956 when the pipe pipeline was
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poorly put together and state and federal regulators for not overseeing the industry properly. frustrated after a year of looking for a job with no success, one woman gets creative and keeps her hope afloat. deja vu in washington. the government on the verge of another shutdown? the drastic consequences if a deal is not reached. in prison, we live in a world of lies and false hopes. >> the freed u.s. hikers enjoy their first full day in the u.s. the one reason they say they were locked up in iran. hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center, we're looking at mostly sunny skies around the bay area now. but we could see some clouds, maybe some more rain in the are forecast, and we will talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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from their worst week since october 2008. lets go ahead let's go live to moffett field where are president obama has just arrived just outside of air force one. he just minutes ago left linkedin for a town hall meeting where he answered questions, a lot about the jobs creation plan. today, he is heading to san diego, and then to los angeles, for more fundraiserrers. he has already been to seattle and in this west coast campaign, he is expected to raise some $4 million. in the meantime, stocks are bouncing back. from their worst week since october of 2008. here is a live look. way up this morning. up 211 points. investors really seem hopeful. and that may be because they are expecting european finance ministers to take action to shore up the more unstable economies. in the meantime, the government just days away from a possible shutdown unless
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congress strikes a deal. the senate will vote on a new measure today, and they rejected the temporary funding measure on friday. that would have kept the government running through mid november. the issue? billions of dollars to help victims of floods, tornadoes, and other natural disasters. >> this is a basic function of congress, which is to keep the government running. so what we ought not to do is play politics for those who have been aflicked by disasters. >> -- afflicted by disasters. >> if congress does not reach a deal soon, government funds could run dry this weekend, and fema could go grow as early as tomorrow and leaving disaster victims begging for action. and members could be called back to reach a deal. we are learning more today about josh fattal and shane bauer's harrowing ordeal at an iranian president. the uc berkeley alumni held a news conference in new york yesterday and read prepared statements and they said they were hostages and political prisoners during those two years and to pass the time they kept
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the regular regimen of running and lifting water bottles, anything to keep up their physical health and their mental spirits. >> the only explanation for our prolonged detention is the 32 years of mutual hostility between america and iran. too many times, we heard the screams of other prisoners being beaten and there was nothing we could do to help them. the solitary confinement was the worst experience of all of our lives. >> they said they are innocent of those espionage charges for which they were convicted. a tough race when it comes to hollywood but who is named the most annoying celebrity of the summer? plus, it was a major rile oops. what prince william forgot -- royal oops. what prince william forgot to do on his wedding day. after the weekend, a little rain and sunshine back in the bay area. how long will it stick around? we will talk about that coming up.
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obama leaving moffett field for san diego as well as los angeles. just boarding air force one. we'll be right back. ,, , [ screaming ] [ zapping ] there goes dwayne's car. oh, man. there goes dwayne's house. whoa! whoa! and there goes dwayne.
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raise, one at the house of blues and another at melrose, and the cost for a couple? 35 grand. and it looks beautiful outside. lawrence? >> why is he leaving now? >> i don't know. maybe because the rain chased him away? it is just getting good here. he should stick around for a little while longer. great fall weather coming our way as high pressure looks to be building in. and we had a few showers over the weekend. let's take you live and outside right now. and looking great over the bay. plenty of sunshine now, and it looks like it is going to stay around as we head toward the afternoon. the temperatures will begin to heat up over the next couple of days. all right, let's check out the weather headlines. and indeed, it looks like we will watch the temperatures bounce back. more sunshine today. a return to some 90s. as we head toward the middle of the week. but will is a chance of some rain return -- there is a chance of some rain returning as we head to next weekend. enjoy that sunshine while we have it. this afternoon, plenty of sunshine in the bay. mid 80s in the hottest spots inland and out to the coastline,
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we will keep it cooler and temperatures in the 60s. tonight a few more clouds overnight. and some may push inside the bay and temperatures are running into the 50s and a few 60s inland. high pressure is looking to build in. it looks like as it builds in, the temperatures will be warming up over the next couple of days. impressive low out here. very active pacific for this time of the year. unusually active. enough so we may just get into some rain as we look toward next weekend. we are talking 82 degrees and sunny in morgan hill. 76 in millipitas. about 62 degrees in pacifica. and 74 in hayward. and east bay temperatures up in the mid 80s, in many spots, such as antioch, and 84 in pittsburgh, about 85 in walnut creek, and 80 in the napa. toward san francisco, you will catch a sea breeze, but mostly sunny and 69 degrees. and 72 in almeda. about 82 in petaluma. next couple of days, we are going to heat things up, getting hot in spots inland, the peak of the heat around wednesday and
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the latter part of the week, things cool off and by the next weekend, a slight chance of more showers and i will tell you what the long range models are saying, and maybe we will get more rain as we look toward the middle of next week. >> i don't like the rain on the weekends. >> i'm not quite ready for that. let's go back live to moffett field where you can see air force one taxiing on the runway with the president aboard. he was just at linkedin answering some tough questions about the economy as well as jobs creation and on his way to southern california. well, britain's queen elizabeth wears only one crown but when it comes to being grandmother to the future king, she wears a lot of different hats, head of the family, head of state and apparently as charlie d'agata reports, she is also somewhat of a wedding planner. >> reporter: to the world, queen elizabeth is a global leader whose raáepb spans 12 american presidents and six popes and and
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to prince william, my incredible grandma and will is a close personal relationship between -- there is a close personal relationship between william and the queen and the prince remembers that royal advisors handed him the wedding guest list and i was given a list of 770 names dignitaries and all sorts of people and not one person i knew and looked at it in horror and only one person i could go to. the boss. and i rang her up the next day and do we need to be doing this? and start with your friends first and go from there. and thin the list. >> and not to say she doesn't pull rank on the prince, too. as an officer and a multitude of service branches, he had a chance which military uniform and the queen insisted an irish guard uniform and one of her own regimen and due always get what you want and do what you're told. the prince says he is no run to think about his turn as head of
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state. william is reportedly interested in extending his tour of duty with britain's royal air force past 2013 and palace officials say that will be ultimately a decision for william and his grandmother when the time comes. charlie d'agata, london. >> the queen i would imagine is pretty insistent. kim kardashian has a new title. most annoying celebrity. the a recent parade poll found her topping the list with 29% of the vote. actor charley sheen came in a close second. and jersey shore star snooki placed third. all really annoying. a smart job strategy or full of hot air? a woman's unique plan to stay afloat in this tough economy, coming up. let's ring you up. mary? what are you doing here? it's megan. i'm getting new insurance. marjorie, you've had a policy with us for three years.
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at best, it is a dubious distinction. the most polluted roads in the whole state right here. we hit the road. and a few cups of joe a day may actually help keep the blues away. research with coffee and depression, those stories and much more coming up tonight at 5:00. there is a woman who has a unique approach to job hunting. she puts her resume inside helium filled balloons and releases them and sends out about 100 resumes a week and has received e-mails from potential employers but has not received a call for an interview just yet. >> what do you think she is
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doing wrong? >> i often felt that way sending resumes out. >> enjoy the sunshine. have a great day.
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>> eric: all my children surrounding me here at forrester c


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